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The Echo Factor

What happens when you combine science, inspiration, wit, and an unexpected interactive twist?

The Echo Factor.

Kinda Wilson takes pieces of science and psychology and mixes them with elements of story-telling and mystery with her newest project.

The Echo Factor empowers you to find your voice, overcome fears, leave the past behind, and have a beautiful influence on the world around you. What you find in this box isn’t just a book—it’s an adventure.

What Readers are Saying

“The first book in years to leave me speechless, to leave me contemplating how I live my life.” — Shayla Eaton
“In a brilliant combination of textbook, scientific journal, and private diary, Kinda seamlessly merges hard science, humor, and heart on every page.” – Clay Shaver
“I love the content, the structure, and the voice. This one’s a home run!” – Michele Clark
“Reading the last few pages was like watching a wonderful movie you know is just about to end and you want it to keep going and going.” — Robert Arriaga
“The book is AH-MAAAAY-ZING! I’m so excited. Can’t wait to read it again. Pretty confident this will be a best seller as I want to buy a million copies and give them to every person I meet!” — Stacy James
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The Echo Factor

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