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The Letter

The Letter - Kinda Wilson

Note: I’ve mentioned this letter a few times and have had numerous people request a copy of it. I’ve included the story below as well as a printable version of it. Feel free to print and share. May it encourage

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For all the dreamers out there….

Here’s a shout-out to my dreamers…a spoken word piece I did at an event a few weeks ago. My friend grabbed an iPad to film it…I love the voices you can hear all around! I think it helps capture the

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Something will come. It always does, it always will

It’s been a strange experience these past couple of weeks. I’ve been going back through all of my old writings while working on the book and finding piece after piece that I didn’t have the guts to click “publish” on

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Somewhere in the middle: the figurative hotel room

 Side note: I was going through my files and found this – something that I was going to put in the book two years ago and decided not to. But perhaps I needed to hear it today. Two phrases of

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Redefining Weird – Spoken Word Piece

Here’s a crazy video for you this week – my spoken word piece “Redefining Weird”. It’s the topic from my September TEDx Tulsa talk, and we should have videos from that soon as well! This goes out to all of

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Toilet paper, perfume, and the JND principle

the just noticeable difference jnd line

In psychology, there’s something called the JND* – the Just Noticeable Difference threshold.  It’s when you notice that something is no longer the same as it was before.  It’s just enough of a spray of perfume to catch a whiff

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Thoughts on shopping, bling, and being giraffes

Image courtesy of Tim Seed, FreeDigitalPhotos

“This is all trash. Look at this, this dress is damaged. Why are we even looking here? Hmph, such trash!” I cocked my head to the side to inconspicuously listen to the middle-aged couple arguing at the end of the

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10 Shocking Reasons Why I Am Tired of Reading Your Viral Lists (The seventh will kill you)

iStock frustrated computer

Things aren’t nearly as exciting as you make them sound. (Fifteen exciting ways to unstop a toilet….really?). Most of life is a string of mundane. Let’s lower the expectations, people. All things can’t be forced into lists. Life is more

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Marketing for Authors and Musicians – Free Tips for Success

Kinda Wilson interview with Lori Lenz Heiselman about Marketing for Authors and Musicians

Hello everyone! I’ve had a lot of requests for marketing and branding tips for writers and musicians. So along with my normal writing, look for free tips for creatives and entrepreneurs on the site. I’ll be adding an entire section

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Local Pastors of Mega-ish-Church Buy Scandalous Lunch at Cheddars


The state of Oklahoma was in an uproar Monday as they learned of local pastors Jerry and Rena Wilmouth purchasing $8.99 lunch specials at the Cheddars in Tulsa. The event occurred Sunday afternoon just following their morning service at Sanctity

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